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Michael Faraday is a hero of mine—we studied about his works in early science classes, but like in a lot of middle schools, never really went into the history behind the man or the deeper aspects of the theories, experiments, and discoveries. Long story short, he was born into poverty, received little formal education, and despite behind held back by other scientists, depression, and memory problems later in life, he revolutionized the world of science with his studies of electricity and magnetism, identifying magnetic fields and how they effect light and connect to gravity, creating inventions like the first transformers and generators, and creating the building blocks for scientists like Einstein and Tesla.

With the assistance of James Clerk Maxwell, one of the most famous mathematical physicists ever, Faraday’s theories were written in a way that could be understood and accepted by other scientists of the time. To add to how awesome Faraday is, Einstein kept a picture of him, Maxwell, and Newton on his study wall.

If you want to hear more about him, just watch episode ten of “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey”. They do the man (and many others) justice.

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